As an investor in real estate or commercial property owner, you'll be aware it takes more than just buying & selling properties to reach your investment targets.

In truth, you need to manage your real estate investments as you would all your investments, adjusting your portfolio so that  you are able to maximize your returns.

When it comes to selling your investment property, you want to take advantage of tax relief from capital gains, allowing you to re-invest your money into a replacement property or properties.

A 1031 exchange is an superb way to preserve capital & defer capital gains tax, depreciation recapture tax, & even sales tax on the sale of business or investment property.

But a 1031 exchange is much more than just the transaction. Before you sell a property, you’ll need a plan.

  • Do you want to increase your cash flow by exchanging low or no cash flow properties into others that have more investment potential?
  • Is your goal to build more wealth by trading one property to buy two or more?
  • Do you need to exchange management intensive property for others that are more maintenance free?
  • Should you diversify your portfolio to reduce risk?

Since your financial goals are completely unique to your situation, to get the everything you want from your exchange, it is very important that you work with a Qualified 1031 Intermediary who understands your situation and can recommend the best solutions. There are lots of exchanges available & selecting the correct strategy that helps achieve your financial goals is absolutely essential.

Legal Elite Title are experienced 1031 Intermediaries and have been successfully completing 1031 settlements for years. We focus on reaching your personal & financial goals rather than just making an exchange.

Our services include:

  • Education & strategy consulting
  • Execution of the exchange
  • Replacement strategies & integration with estate & personal planning

Our experience enables us to work with you before, during & after the settlement, thus  increasing the potential  success of your investment strategy.

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